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Instant Enterprise

For The ArcGIS Platform

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Instant Enterprise

ROK's Instant Enterprise solution brings you the latest ArcGIS© Server and Cloud capabilities coupled with a customized solution that is backed up by over fifty years of combined GIS expertise and unparalleled hands-on technical support.

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Virtualized Desktop

ROK's Virtualized Desktop delivers you freedom from keeping up with all the latest hardware specifications, updates, and service pack installations allowing you to stay current without the time and costs.

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ArcGIS© Server Hosting

ROK's Cloud Hosting Solution leverages the power and performance of ArcGIS© Server for your online maps and geospatial services without adding capital investment and increasing resources to your IT infrastructure.

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ROK's GoMaps 4.0 allows consumers to access GIS data from any platform or device, anywhere, anytime. GoMaps 4.0 is a robust application that allows organizations to increase their GIS services to internal staff and the public by investing in a scalable product.

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ROK Technologies and its affiliate ROK Global Applications Group, based in Charleston, South Carolina, serve clients in many industries and governments globally. As an Esri® Silver business partner and ArcGIS© Server Application Service Provider licensee, we are able to leverage the ArcGIS© platform and our cutting edge core competencies to provide Cloud based ArcGIS© application development, hosting, and cache management solutions. Additionally as a strategic partner of eGroup, we have expanded our Cloud offerings to include Infrastructure as a Service and Desktop as a Service enabling clients to efficiently integrate their enterprise software with ROK GIS solutions, products and services.

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