We Take Your GIS to the Cloud

Our sole focus is to take the day to day management of your Esri software and its supporting infrastructure off your plate, so you can focus on what you do best, GIS.

It’s All We Do

GIS Managed Cloud Services
GIS Managed Cloud Services

Leave the heavy lifting to the experts. We'll act as your GIS IT department to ensure timely management of your entire cloud GIS infrastructure.

Migration Services
Migration Services

ROK’s cloud architecture experts will work side by side with you to determine your specific cloud environment & infrastructure needs.

Infrastructure Management
Infrastructure Management

ROK will act as an extension of your IT Department, managing your entire GIS Infrastructure.

Software Management
Software Management

ROK’s solution team will install, configure, integrate and activate your Esri Enterprise solutions all day, every day.

Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

We understand just how important your GIS is. Our team provides the best-in-class care for your GIS with around-the-clock customer support access; customized security solutions; various cloud considerations from host providers to tenancy options to hybrid spaces; and proactive services like diagnostics and best practices.

Who We Are

Who We Are

Liberate your GIS with the power of GIS Managed Cloud Services! ROK will guide you throughout your cloud journey. We are a longtime Esri business partner and Esri Cloud Specialty partner; we work with the best cloud providers - AWS, Azure and GCP; and most importantly, we work with you and your organization to develop the best solution to fit your needs.

Ready to Get Started?

The journey to the cloud takes thoughtful planning, careful preparation and organizational commitment. Let us help you take the right next steps! Get started on your journey today!

Why the Cloud?

Benefits of the cloud include scalability - quickly responding to peak demands and lower capacity when necessary; modernization - ensuring your GIS is ready for the future and any software release; collaboration - team accessibility from anywhere in the world at any time; reliability - reducing downtimes and lowering data loss risk; and resourcing optimization - reducing your costs and freeing up staff to focus on other important tasks.

News & Events

2024 ASFPM Conference: Silver Sponsor
June 23 - 27 | Salt Lake City, Uttah

We are a proud sponsor for this year's Association for State Floodplain Managers Conference.

Knowledge Hub

GISMCS & IT Webinar
Securing Success: Why IT Leaders Partner With GIS Managed Cloud Services

Partnering with a GIS Managed Cloud Services provider empowers IT leaders to leverage specialized expertise, enhance security, reduce administrative burdens, and drive innovation. Join us for our 60-minute interactive webinar as we discuss how this partnership will elevate your IT strategies.

Boosting Transportation Efficiency with GIS Managed Cloud Services

Exploring the advantages of utilizing GIS managed cloud services for transportation organizations.

ArcGIS Monitor: An Esri Monitoring Tool to Leverage Your Enterprise GIS Environment

What is ArcGIS Monitor? ArcGIS Monitor is a powerful tool from Esri that allows organizations to monitor the health of GIS infrastructure in real-time. This enterprise-grade monitoring solution works with ArcGIS Enterprise to provide information about system health, usage and performance. It also captures key metrics and attributes to quantify system health over time so […]


"ROK provides unparalleled customer service that has not hardly been seen in any type of business in the last 20 years or more. From the start I got the feeling every employee we spoke with at ROK cared about our organization and work. ROK has taken a HUGE weight off our shoulders in administering our GIS system in the Cloud."
David Lower • GIS Analyst
Green Valley Water
"The ROK team have been a dream to work with compared to other vendors. They are very responsive, thorough in the processes and very agile in standing up new environments or reconfiguring existing. They are an all-around great company."
Kevin Lopes • Director of Geospatial Technologies

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