ArcGIS Enterprise on Kubernetes: What You Need to Know

ROK Technologies First to Receive Esri Kubernetes Specialty Designation from Esri We are thrilled to announce that on December 12th, 2022, ROK Technologies was the first (ever!) to earn Esri's Kubernetes Specialty Designation. The ArcGIS Enterprise on Kubernetes Specialty Designation is exclusively reserved for those who have expertise in deploying, configuring, and maintaining an ArcGIS


Your GIS Cloud Security Questions Answered by ROK’s Director of Cloud Services

In ROK Technologies webinar session, The 3 Essentials for GIS Cloud Security, Ryan Daley, Cloud Services Architect, talks about the interconnected ICA model that you should follow to protect your GIS. He also reviews best practices for building and maintaining a secure environment and a clear security cost comparison for a cloud vs. on-premise security


Esri’s sunsetting ArcMap. What you need to do to prepare.

At ROK we are often asked, “When will ESRI be ripping ArcMap from my cold dead hands?”  Many are in the same place in regard to transitioning to ArcGIS Pro – they’ve dabbled with it (for better or worse), they know they know they need to move to Pro – but they haven’t gone all


Why extend your GIS to the cloud: A customer success story

How AEC firm, GAI Consultants gained speed, efficiency and IT support migrating to the cloud.   Migrating your entire Enterprise stack to the cloud can be complex and yield significant results. Mr. Michael Owens, GISP at GAI Consultants shares his experiences, lessons learned and advice on what led his organization to move their GIS to


Make 2021 your year in the cloud

Checkout our 5 steps to a successful GIS Cloud Migration! If cloud migration is on your 2021 wishlist or even better, your to-do list, today is the perfect time to start planning.  And as we say farewell to 2020, make sure to checkout our GIS Cloud Migration Survey: The Coronavirus Impact to hear first hand


Q&A from our GIS Panel Discussion: The Move to the Cloud

We hosted a live panel discussion event at this year's Esri IMGIS (Infrastructure & Management GIS) Virtual Conference. We invited panelists from 3 key Esri industries: AEC, Transportation and Water to share their organization's experience pre and post cloud. During the discussion, we had questions that needed answers. Here are the answers to several of


GIS Cloud Migration Survey: The Coronavirus Impact

How migrating to the cloud can help GIS organizations co-exist with Coronavirus   As we look back on 2020, it feels like we’ve experienced enough disruption to last us a full year, if not five or ten years. That being said we have no choice but to settle into a new normal where we coexist


Enhanced GIS performance & IT peace of mind

Customer success story: How moving to the cloud enabled Connecticut Water to provide exceptional and reliable GIS services Connecticut Water Company (CWC) is a regulated water utility under the holding company, Connecticut Water Service (CTWS) and the New England subsidiary of SJW Group. Headquartered in Clinton, CT, Connecticut Water provides service to more than 450,000


How to Design your GIS: 3 Real-World Examples

In our webinar, How to Design your GIS for today and beyond, Lindsay Walker, ROK Technologies Director of GIS Managed Services, shared how to address the technical challenges of transitioning through the GIS lifecycle, from AGOL to Enterprise, from On-premise to the Cloud and further into Automation and Innovation. She points out that more often


How to Make a Solid Case for GIS Cloud Migration: Your Questions Answered

Alex Coleman, EVP at ROK Technologies, hosted a webinar event outlining the 4 steps to build a solid case for GIS cloud migration; how to calculate the current on-premise costs, quantify opportunity costs, identify cloud costs and how to actualize your organization’s ROI. Learn how to make a solid financial case for cloud migration As


What are the Top 5 Concerns When Considering a Move to the Cloud?

For organizations considering a migration to the cloud, there are 5 important factors to take into account. • Security • Cloud Spend • Governance • Chaos of Transition • Lack of Expertise Security Security is a shared responsibility between the organization and the cloud provider Storage upkeep, infrastructure and networking are some of the cloud


Hurricane Preparedness: Is Your GIS Data Protected?

The last thing you're thinking of as you prepare for the worst during a hurricane is protecting your data. With the 2019 hurricane season well underway, Category 5 Dorian becomes the strongest to ever hit the Bahamas. Dorian, just the 4th hurricane of the season, is tied with a 1935 hurricane as the strongest to