07.18.14 | Blog

Citrix Solutions for Fellow GIS-ers AND Mac Enthusiasts

If you are a proud consumer of Apple products, you may be able to relate to the frustration and hints of sadness I personally felt when I was first “falling in love” with the field of GIS back in graduate school. Having experienced no other class like it, I vividly remember the highs of seeing data symbolized right before me, and talking through plot scenarios with our professor, which then required us to create intersecting buffers and use map algebra tools for further analysis of our data. I was quickly blown away, convinced that the software we were using, Esri’s ArcGIS for Desktop, had to be the most powerful software I’d ever imagined. Then the unthinkable happened: I tried to exchange my Windows ArcGIS for Desktop installation disc for one I could use to install the software on my relatively new Macbook, only to find out that such option did not exist. Devastation. Of course we’ve all either had to move on (running ArcGIS on Windows) or find round-about ways to run ArcGIS on Macbooks and iMacs. Such means include hard-drive partitioning using Boot Camp Assistant or running Parallels software, which may take up a large footprint on a machine as it runs two operating systems at once, as well as the ArcGIS software. Which brings us to the announcement regarding Esri’s latest release of Explorer for ArcGIS… for Macs! Exciting? I think so! After all, it probably means that Esri has taken note and is working on developing the rest of the ArcGIS suite for Apple systems, right? Yet, a lot of us might wish we didn’t have to wait any longer. With that in mind, I want to draw attention to ROK’s Cloud GIS Solution--delivering Esri’s full, virtualized ArcCatalog and ArcMap GIS software applications, using the Citrix Receiver, to any OS platform (i.e. OSX). Running straight from cloud servers, ROK’s Cloud GIS Solution allows users to log on and access ArcGIS from any internet-powered machine, including Apple’s beloved Macbooks and iMacs. The best part is, utilizing the cloud to employ ArcGIS has an incredibly low footprint on your computer's hardware resources, translating into FAST application deployment and performance. If your eyes just lit up and you want to see a demo or learn about the other full-scope benefits of ROK’s Cloud GIS solution, check out our CTO’s recent webinar and send us an e-mail or give us a call.