Client Stories
Hear first hand from our clients about ROK Technologies taking their GIS to the Cloud.

Caryn Ashbay, GISP | Senior GIS Specialist

Fishbeck has been challenged to work remotely on a larger scale than had ever been anticipated.  Our recent decision to move our GIS data to a remote server has allowed us flexibility in accessing and managing our files.  We chose ROK technologies to provide this service to adapt to emerging technologies and before there was an actual need, and that decision has proven to be a valuable solution in the current climate.

We are pleased to say our operations and transition have run more smoothly because of our relationship with ROK Technologies.

Jennifer Morgan | GIS Division Manager | Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) 
Bay County

We have an outstanding relationship with ROK. We have done business with a lot of different vendors. I would put [ROK Technologies] at the very top of the list of people that are the easiest to work with are freaky fast.

Tom Braswell | Planning Director
Habersham County

I looked to ROK to provide a solution when Habersham’s IT department and infrastructure moved to a different location. Our GIS department needed a place for our ArcGIS® for Desktop licenses and GIS data to reside. ROK’s solution fit our needs perfectly by sending both licenses and data to the cloud. ROK also allowed for my staff’s data updates to be served out to the public efficiently as ROK provides the county with ROKMAPS/ArcGIS® Server hosting.    

Jason Gregory | GIS Director
Nassau County Property Appraiser

Nassau County switched to Virtualized Desktop in 2016. Since that time, GIS manager Jason Gregory estimates that productivity has increased at least 25 percent. Virtualized Desktop has eliminated the hours Gregory spent every week updating data, and previously siloed map and GIS information is now collected all in one repository, allowing the county’s customers (residents, realtors, builders, etc.) to generate one report online and eliminating the lines out the door at various zoning offices.      

Carole Balzer | Network Administrator
Rogue Valley Sewer Services

ROK Technologies has been a godsend. We are given the flexibility through ROK Tech to create new apps, have our old apps changed whenever we want to, and they are extremely responsive to our system.  

Team | GIS Division
Key Environmental, Inc

Key Environmental, Inc. needed a way to collect massive amounts of data in the field at a client’s Staten Island site location and push the updates back to the geodatabase in real time. Although Key Environmental had used ESRI technology for years, the data requirements for this project were far beyond what their servers could handle, and the firm’s multiple offices lacked a central datastore.

Raffi Alexanian | Managing Director
Digital Egypt

ROK Technologies is the backbone for all services that Digital Egypt provides. To a greater extent, it allows Digital Egypt to have an “as needed” Application Development team as a valuable resource. App developers at ROK are highly experienced in multiple platforms, delivering responsive and very well thought of apps. Case in point: Digital Egypt needed a fully functioning offline application to showcase the Cairo Festival City project, owned by the conglomerate Al Futtaim group from Dubai, UAE. With only 10 days deadline, Digital Egypt turned to ROK for help with the app development. The resulting app well exceeded the expectations of our client, and was characterized as very user friendly, responsive and engaging.