GIS Managed Cloud Services

Our experts will work with you to assess your GIS cloud needs, develop a migration roadmap, and optimize operational costs. As a result, your organization will save time, money, and IT resources, while reducing project risk and downtime.

Migration Services
Migration Services

Ready to migrate your cloud environment? Let us help you succeed the first time with a comprehensive migration plan built and executed by our cloud experts.

Cloud Security
Cloud Security

ROK employs a security team of experts from all different organizations - federal government, financial institutions, and healthcare – to provide valuable insight from a varied background of security philosophies to best fit our client’s needs, whatever that may be.

Infrastructure Management
Infrastructure Management

Work with ROK’s cloud architecture experts to determine your cloud environment needs. We’ll discuss all aspects of your cloud infrastructure to ensure an intelligently-designed cloud deployment. ROK will act as your IT Department. Taking over the management of your entire GIS Infrastructure.

Software Management
Software Management

Never wait to upgrade or add additional services. ROK handles all of your ArcGIS Enterprise needs allowing you to focus on what you do best… GIS

Virtual Desktop Solutions
Virtual Desktop Solutions

We make your GIS data available in the cloud (even legacy desktop), regardless of the software solution. Fast, flexible, dependable secure data stored and hosted in the cloud.

Additionally, we focus on:
Additionally, we focus on:
  • Assessing current and future Esri software needs
  • Imagery Storage and Access Management
  • Backup and Retention
  • OS Patching and Updates
  • Installation of New Enterprise Services
  • Integrating Third Party Applications 
  • Proactive Network Monitoring 
  • High Uptime and Availability

We Make it Easy

Modern-day GIS is complex. Let the ROK team take over the heavy lifting and assist in the management of your entire Enterprise Stack. Never wait to upgrade to the latest version; add new services; or have to struggle with performance issues again.

The ROK team is here to allow you to focus on what you do best - GIS!

We Get it Right the First Time

How you set-up and maintain your GIS infrastructure is key to optimizing costs and performance. Since we are cloud experts in AWS, Azure, and GCP, we can architect and manage the right solution for your organization. We are 100% platform agnostic, but we are 100% pro-Cloud! Are you ready to liberate your GIS with Managed Cloud Services?


“I highly recommend ROK! ROK is amazing to work with and has far exceeded my expectations. ROK sets the bar in customer service, there is never any wait time, their customer portal makes communication seamless and they help with any questions I have! ROK has taken the database management worries out of my hands. I do not worry about patches, upgrades and system functionality any longer.”
Teresa Aguirre • Senior GIS Analyst
Green Valley Water
"Rapid response, situational awareness, and solution management. Proactive problem resolution. Top notch, highly skilled staff."
Dave Gillum • GIS Systems Analyst
Anne Arundel County, MD


Ready to Get Started?

The journey to the cloud takes thoughtful planning, careful preparation and organizational commitment. Let us help you take the right next steps! Get started on your journey today!