Software Management

Let ROK’s cloud GIS experts handle time-consuming and complex software installation, day-to-day management, upgrades, and patching for you.

What is Software Management?

The ArcGIS Enterprise ecosystem is extensive, with different applications, systems, and versions being released regularly. From out-of-the-box Esri applications to ArcGIS integrations to new software versions, balancing stability with the desire for new features can be tricky.

ROK Software Management.. It’s What We Do…

General Maintenance

Map service running slowly? Interested in installing a new piece of the Enterprise Stack? Want to upgrade your current version? These are all challenges GIS Departments face. ROK takes all of the Esri Enterprise maintenance off of your plate so you can focus on what you do best… GIS

Staff Augmentation

The great employment migration coupled with the complexity of running an ArcGIS Enterprise stack has left GIS Departments worldwide struggling to find the time to do the great work that is now possible with GIS. By managing your Enterprise Stack we take all the heavy lifting off your plate so guess what.. You can do what you do best.

Planning & Strategy

Often there is a trade-off between utilizing new applications, or new features of current applications, with stability and compatibility with older applications as well as planning the infrastructure costs to support a change. The ROK Team will partner with you and your Esri Team to plan the best times, budget and strategy for adding new applications and sunsetting old ones.

ROK’s Approach to Software Management

The keys to successful implementation of new applications or upgrading existing applications are planning and communication. Rely on ROK to assist with the planning, and rest assured that ROK will maintain constant communication through the entire process.

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“ROK Technologies has been a godsend. We are given the flexibility through ROK Tech to create new apps, have our old apps changed whenever we want to, and they are extremely responsive to our system.”
Carol Balzer • Network Administrator
Rogue Valley Sewer Systems
What if something goes wrong during the upgrade?

ROK will roll everything back to the current version if the upgrade can not be completed during the scheduled outage window. The environment will be restored to the point in time just before the start of the upgrade.

Will links to applications or services change as a result of the upgrade?

No. The only change may be the path to the Python installation directory on the GIS Server. This may cause an issue if you have Python scripts that reference that path.

How long is the outage and what will be down during that time?

Budget 4 hours of downtime for the Portal upgrade. During that time none of the elements of the ArcGIS Enterprise environment will be accessible. This includes the Portal, GIS Server(s), and Data Store(s). If you have a VDI solution and an SDE server you can still make a direct connection to your Enterprise Geodatabase if needed (but it is the weekend so you probably don’t want to).

What does the performance of cloud-based computing and data storage solutions look like compared to local LAN-based solutions?

It is comparable, and in many cases can surpass traditional solutions in terms of performance. One of the finer points of using cloud based solutions is the ease of scalability. The performance can scale dynamically with your workload, unlike traditional on premise solutions

What level of administration capabilities do we get post deployment when we move to cloud?

At ROK we take a different approach to Managed Services. Our clients have complete access to all of their Esri Software and data giving them (and you) complete control over content. When it comes time to upgrade, the ROK team can take that entirely off your plate. Simply call our team and request a move to the latest version and we will make it happen!

Are your systems running as software-as-a-service such as AGOL or are they cloud deployments of regular software (e.g. ArcGIS Enterprise on cloud VMs)?

Our clients are made up of organizations that use ArcGIS Enterprise and those that use both ArcGIS Online and Enterprise as well as a variety of third-party applications.

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