ArcGIS Monitor: An Esri Monitoring Tool to Leverage Your Enterprise GIS Environment

What is ArcGIS Monitor?

ArcGIS Monitor is a powerful tool from Esri that allows organizations to monitor the health of GIS infrastructure in real-time. This enterprise-grade monitoring solution works with ArcGIS Enterprise to provide information about system health, usage and performance. It also captures key metrics and attributes to quantify system health over time so that you can maximize your GIS and IT investment. It helps organizations identify and fix issues before they become major problems, saving time and money in the long run.

This tool excels in:

  • Real-time monitoring of environments
  • Alerting and notifications for issues
  • Collection and analysis of performance data
  • Detailed resource utilization reporting
  • Visualization of data in dashboards and reports

How Does ROK Technologies Utilize ArcGIS Monitor for GIS Managed Cloud Services Clients?

Depending on a client’s needs, ArcGIS Monitor can become part of a well-architected ArcGIS Enterprise installation to provide support in analyzing and optimizing the health of their ArcGIS.

"ArcGIS Monitor provides the ROK team with real-time information on the health of the ArcGIS Enterprise. Monitor helps to quickly identify potential issues, such as slow rendering map services. This information provides extremely valuable insight as we work to quickly remediate discovered issues.”

ArcGIS Monitor can help manage and monitor GIS infrastructure and services with:

GIS system monitoring: By registering your enterprise GIS resources, including servers, databases, networks, and other components critical for GIS operations, you can collect data metrics on their attributes such as health, performance, and usage. It can also track resource utilization, response times, application stability, and network bandwidth, to ensure optimal performance.

Analysis and reporting: Observe and assess the health of your enterprise GIS by querying registered resources and visualizing collected data metrics. Organize these metrics in the form of reports and dashboards to share with senior management and stakeholders. 

Responsive alerting: Turn collected data metrics into actionable information to proactively manage your enterprise GIS. Configure alerts and notifications for predefined thresholds or anomalous behavior to prevent and minimize system downtime. 

"If a client expresses interest in ArcGIS Monitor, we can jumpstart it for them! By setting up alerts and analysis and providing a firsthand demonstration, our clients gain a better understanding of ArcGIS Monitor's capabilities. ArcGIS Monitor is a valuable addition to our toolkit at ROK.”

Learn more with Esri’s ArcUser article, 5 Reasons to Use ArcGIS Monitor

What do our clients have to say?

Our clients see the potential with ArcGIS Monitor; it is a promising tool to enhance their GIS system monitoring and management capabilities. They expect it will continue to bring benefits in terms of system management, performance optimization, and possibly other areas as they continue to explore its capabilities.

“ROK Technologies helped us implement ArcGIS Monitor as a tool to monitor our systems and get alerts for suspicious service hits. We use it to track viewing and set and analyze alerts. ArcGIS Monitor has helped the village to solve service outages, block suspicious hits and provided performance metrics to view usage.”

“Mortenson’s implementation of ArcGIS Monitor was successful with the help of ROK Technologies. We’ve only begun our monitoring journey, but we’re excited about the potential.”

Is ArcGIS Monitor right for your organization?

Monitoring tools like ArcGIS Monitor can provide valuable information to the team managing your Enterprise environment.

ArcGIS Monitor collects and visualizes data and provides it to our team of Cloud, GIS, and IT experts, as well as the client GIS team. ArcGIS Monitor is a powerful tool in our monitoring toolbox, and helps the Managed Cloud Services team ensure our clients and their Enterprise GIS environments perform as optimally and as efficiently as they can.

Implementing ArcGIS Monitor provides insights that can be met with real-time solutions by the ROK Technologies GIS Managed Cloud Services team. ArcGIS Monitor can be implemented in a new deployment of ArcGIS Enterprise or added to existing installations.

If your organization would like better insights into your enterprise GIS environments, please contact us today!

About ROK Technologies

ROK Technologies works with clients to assess their GIS Cloud needs, develop a migration roadmap, and optimize operational costs. We take over the day to day management of an organization’s Esri software and supporting infrastructure, so that they can focus on core strategy and growth. As a result, our clients save time, money, and IT resources, while reducing project risk and downtime.


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