MassDOT Welcomes Gained Efficiencies with Cloud Deployment

Designing a cloud solution that would continue to serve.

About MassDOT

MassDOT constantly strives to support the economic, quality of life, and environmental goals of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. That’s why MassDOT engaged ROK Technologies to architect a cloud solution that would facilitate their mission of providing transportation infrastructure, which is safe, reliable, robust, and resilient. When they shared our problems with us, we knew that we needed to design a cloud solution that would continue to serve their team and address their struggles with inefficiency, speed, and performance.


The Problem: Wasted time and effort

When it came to utilizing their GIS, MassDOT struggled with diminished performance, resulting in a significant amount of wasted time and effort. Their GIS applications lagged and were difficult to access. Due to the GIS network being separated from their regular network, MassDOT had to jump through a lot of hoops to access their software and files. This made software and memory upgrades difficult and time consuming. In their struggle to manage and monitor services, they stretched their limited resources thin.

“We spent a lot of time trying to be IT people, instead of focusing on GIS.” Kevin Lopes, Manager of GIS Services, MassDOT


The Solution: GIS, IT and Cloud Experts

MassDot knew they needed their GIS performing at its best to achieve their mission. Something had to change, so they began planning for a new system architecture. Esri helped to elicit their needs for a new environment and highlighted the capabilities of different vendors. It was easy to get IT buy-in because they were fully aware of their various struggles. Other entities within MassDOT recognized the value of the Cloud, and were amid a similar transition. Since they experienced the benefits within other divisions, the  IT department felt it was an easy decision to take MassDOT’s GIS to the Cloud.

After trying out several Cloud environments, MassDOT enjoyed the ease of managed services, but felt limited in their ability to access data. They decided they needed partners that were not only IT and GIS experts, but ones that could customize solutions with a level of freedom and flexibility that out-of-the-box solutions fell short.

Due to ROK’s ability to architect, design, and deploy solutions that give clients full access to their environment and data which can be edited freely in real time, MassDOT selected us and our Managed Cloud Services.


The Three Main Benefits

Enhanced Productivity

After collaborating with ROK Technologies, MassDOT has been able to fully develop their platform with applications, services, and analytics that they weren’t able to before.

Excellent Customer Service Experience

“The ROK team has been a dream to work with compared to other vendors. They are very responsive, thorough in the processes and very agile in standing up new environments or reconfiguring existing. They are an all-around great company.”  Kevin Lopes, Manager of GIS Services

Peace of Mind

MassDOT no longer worries about software upgrades, expiring licenses, or downtime. ROK Technologies’ Managed Services reduced costs and freed up MassDOT staff so they could focus on other important tasks.


In Conclusion

ROK Technologies takes the day-to-day management of Esri software and its infrastructure off MassDOT’s plate, so they can focus on providing a transportation system which can strengthen the state’s economy and improve the quality of life for all.



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