3 Essentials for GIS Cloud Security

Data security is rapidly becoming the number one concern of both public and private companies as well as state and local governments. In Part 2 of our webinar series “Security and your GIS Cloud” we take a deeper dive into this interconnected ICA model that you can – and should – follow to protect your GIS. We will review each of the primary security tenants that every GIS and IT department should consider whether in the cloud or on-premise. 

During This Webinar You Will Learn:

  • Security Tripod | confidentiality, integrity, and availability
  • Best practices | building and maintaining a secure environment
  • Security cost comparison | cloud vs. on-premise

Watch on demand part 1 of our series, “Security and your GIS Cloud” to get a high-level overview.

Webinar Presented By:

Ryan Daley, Director of Cloud Services at ROK Technologies.

With an MS in Network Technology, Information Assurance, Ryan has over 12 years of IT experience, focusing on GIS cloud-first technologies, GIS security and cloud migrations. At ROK he is responsible for the planning, architecture and implementation of cloud environments optimized for GIS and for our clients.


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