AEC firm, Fishbeck Shares the Challenges and Benefits of a Cloud Deployment

Discover The Benefits And Challenges Of Cloud Deployment And Collaboration

The architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry experiences some of the most challenging IT environments and demanding requirements. AEC firms often serve numerous clients; work with large, complex files; have a distributed team of professionals who need high-performance access to Esri COTS software; and must update services in real time. The cloud can help by mobilizing workflows, modernizing access, and accelerating GIS. Cloud-based collaboration streamlines database access, instills confidence in content control, increases communication, and minimizes content silos.

In this webinar, Fishbeck shares the ins and outs of deployment to modernize its traditional infrastructure, the partnership with ROK Technologies, and the benefits it now receives by being in the cloud.

You’ll hear about the following:

  • The challenges faced with its on-premises, pre-cloud deployment
  • Why leaders considered a move and how they achieved approval
  • What the deployment process looked like
  • How the cloud has helped move its GIS forward
  • Key advice for other GIS leaders who may be considering the cloud
  1. 1.Where were the pre-cloud challenges?8:13
  2. 2.Business case & buy-in34:30
  3. 3.What benefits do you see?46:14
  4. 4.What key advice would you share?48:30


Caryn Ashbay is Senior GIS Specialist at Fishbeck with over 20 years of experience in a variety of GIS applications including utility mapping, sanitary sewer, water, stormwater, and asset management.  She designs, develops, implements, and manages geospatial data, databases, and applications.  Caryn is proficient in cloud-based mapping and management utilizing ESRI’s software suite; and she manages field operations utilizing ESRI mobile applications and external GNSS devices. 

At Fishbeck, Caryn manages ArcGIS Enterprise/Portal and ArcGIS Online environments, authors data services, publishes web maps and web applications for viewing and GIS editing purposes, serves as a subject matter experts for GIS data workflows and management of GIS data, writes GIS standard operating procedures and documents, and stays current with leading technologies, techniques, and approaches for implementing the best GIS solution.

Jason Harris is CTO at ROK Technologies with over 26 years of experience in web-based GIS, IT, and database administration. Able to quickly design solutions and troubleshoot problems effectively using his broad technical experience, Mr. Harris stands out as an Enterprise GIS and cloud expert. He is the architect of ROK Technologies’ Managed Services program.


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