CapEx vs. OpEx: How to Account for Your Cloud Spend

Join ROK Technologies and Deloitte for an insightful webinar on optimizing cloud migration strategies. Uncover the truths and myths surrounding accounting for cloud computing costs, as Chris Chiriatti, Managing Director at Deloitte, shares expert insights on challenges, opportunities, and effective utilization of both CapEx and OpEx spending. Gain clarity on capitalizing cloud expenditures, differentiate between CapEx and OpEx, and understand the impact of contract terms on accounting practices. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your organization’s cloud journey with strategic financial management.

Learn how your organization can leverage both CapEx and OpEx spend to support your cloud migration and ongoing service efforts.

In this webinar, you will hear from Chris Chiriatti, Managing Director, Accounting and Reporting Service at Deloitte, on:

  • Myths on accounting for cloud computing costs
  • Observations on accounting challenges and opportunities for cloud conversions
  • Instances where cloud computing spend can be capitalized
  • Differentiating cap-ex and op-ex, and how contract terms can impact the accounting


Speaker: Chris Chiriatti , Managing Director | National Office – Accounting and Reporting Services, Deloitte

Speaker BioChris is a managing director in Deloitte’s National Office – Accounting and Reporting Services Group. Chris’ primary areas of expertise are revenue recognition, leasing, accounting for cloud computing arrangements and software development, business combinations, long lived assets, and CECL for commercial entities. Chris is also one of the primary authors of Deloitte’s Roadmap to Applying the New Revenue Recognition Standard and has also authored various other external publications addressing accounting for cloud computing arrangements, agile software development, CECL for commercial entities and revenue recognition.

Chris is also one of the audit leaders for Accounting and Reporting Advisory services focusing on accounting and reporting co-source services including new standards implementation, accounting for unique and complex transactions, accounting for technology transformation, IFRS to US GAAP conversions and SEC reporting.


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