Current Trends in Cloud Based GIS

As working remotely became our new normal and GIS emerged as the centerpiece for how we viewed changes to our world, cloud providers continued to innovate. Join us for a review of the top cloud solutions and the strong impact they have on how we do GIS.

We will also explore some exciting new possibilities that will allow your organization to realize all the promised benefits of migrating to the cloud — better performance, centralized management, improved data security, and simplified deployment.

In this webinar, we will:

  • Review of the top GIS cloud solutions. 
  • Learn what’s new in the world of VDI
  • Explore the top benefits cloud-based GIS organizations experience

Presenter: Jason Harris, CTO, ROK Technologies

Webinar produced in partnership with Directions Magazine

  1. 1.Why GIS in the Cloud?3:29
  2. 2.VDI to the Rescue10:37
  3. 3.What's New with VDI14:00
  4. 4.Rise of the Drones18:40
  5. 5.Kubenetes22:38

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