GIS Panel Discussion: The Move from On-Premise to the Cloud

Panelists Featured In This Discussion:

Kevin Lopes has worked at the Massachusetts Department of Transportation for 35 years and is currently serving as the Manager of GIS Services. The Massachusetts Department of Transportation, Office of Transportation Planning provides services in support of excellent customer service and safety for all who travel in the Commonwealth.

Dan Goodrich is a Senior GIS Analyst at the Connecticut Water Company. He has over a decade of experience applying GIS solutions in support of water utility operations. He is currently working on his master’s degree in GIS and Web Map Programming at the University of Wisconsin.

Jason Harris has over 26 years of experience in web-based GIS, IT, and database administration. Able to quickly design solutions and troubleshoot problems effectively using his broad technical experience, Mr. Harris stands out as an Enterprise GIS and cloud expert. He is the architect of ROK Technologies’ Managed Service program.

Mike Owens is a GIS Manager and project manager for GAI Consultants in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. With 13+ years of experience, he is responsible for leading a Group of 12 GIS Specialists, overseeing the Group’s technical work quality, improving workflows, and advancing GIS technology within the Company and for its Energy customers.

Migrating your entire Esri Enterprise stack to the cloud can be complex and yield significant results. Join our GIS panel featuring AEC, Water, Transportation, and Managed Cloud Services leaders as they share what led them to the cloud, the ins and outs of migration, and the benefits they realized since making the move.   

You’ll Hear:

  • The challenges each organization faced with on-premise, pre-cloud.
  • Why and how they considered and approved a move to the cloud.
  • About the process, including the considerations and concerns as well as practical, proved tips for a successful migration.
  • How the cloud helped these organizations with real-business success metrics.
  • Key factors for other organizational leaders considering a move in the future.

We Polled The Live Audience With 3 Questions And Here Are Their Responses:

When does your organization plan to move to the cloud?

  • 33% plan to move within the next 12 months
  • 33% don’t currently have any plans outlined
  • 18% are already in the cloud
  • 15% plan to move within a couple years

What concerns do you have migrating to the cloud?

  • 57% Security
  • 43% ROI/Cost
  • 38% Performance
  • 36% The migration process
  • 33% Lack of resources and/or expertise

What primary benefits do you see migrating to the cloud?

  • 56% Increase delivery speed
  • 52% Ability to scale or shrink capacity on demand
  • 46% Increase collaboration across teams
  • 44% Hardware cost savings

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