GIS Water Panel: The Challenges and Rewards of Cloud Migration

Managing a water utility requires keeping costs low, customer service high, and solving aging assets important. The cloud can help by mobilizing workflows, modernizing access and collaboration and accelerating your GIS. Migrating your entire Esri enterprise stack can be complex, but can also yield significant results. 

Hear water utility GIS leaders, Mr. Forbuss at Rogue Valley Sewer Services and Mr. Gerberry at Del-Co Water Company share what led their organizations to the cloud, the ins and outs of migration, and the benefits realized since moving off-premise and into the cloud in ouor co-sponsored panel webinar with Esri Water.

Our panelists will provide their direct experience moving to the cloud, Rogue Valley Sewer Services will present a longer-term perspective, being in the cloud for several years; whereas, Del-Co migrated 6 months ago, and will bring a newcomer’s point of view. 

You’ll hear each answer the following questions:

  • What challenges each faced with their on-premise, pre-cloud deployment?
  • Why did they consider a move to the cloud and how they achieved approval to move?
  • How did their migration process go? What considerations and concerns did they have as well as practical, proved tips for a successful migration.
  • How the cloud has helped move their GIS forward with real-business success metrics.
  • Key advice for other GIS leaders who may be considering a move. 

Rogue Valley Sewer Services (RVSS) is a special district formed by the voters in 1966 to provide a regional solution to wastewater disposal problems. RVSS provides sanitary sewer and stormwater services to select Oregon cities and surrounding areas of Jacksonville, Phoenix, Talent, Shady Cove and others. RVSS’ mission is to manage, maintain and improve storm and wastewater systems to protect and preserve public health, quality of life, and economic vitality in our community. 

David Forbuss is GIS Technician at Rogue Valley Sewer Services. David earned his Bachelors of Arts in Geography from the University of Hawai’i at Hilo.  He has worked for Rogue Valley Sewer Services since March 2015.  Prior to RVSS he was a GIS Specialist for the Pueblo of Sandia Tribal Administration in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Del-Co Wateris a private public drinking water company serving central Ohio counties with over thirty-three million gallons of drinking water per day. As a public water supplier, Del-Co Water operates four water treatment facilities, the network of underground piping and a series of thirty elevated storage tanks under the authority of the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (Ohio EPA). Del-Co continues to see impressive growth rates as suburban expansion from Columbus drives regional growth, serving around 50,000 customers and maintaining over 2,000 miles of water mains.

Andrew Gerberry is GIS Coordinator at Del-Co Water Company, a mid-sized water utility in central Ohio. GIS plays a critical role in the business functions of a water utility company and moving to the cloud will have a profound impact on the services GIS can offer. Andrew is a graduate of Ohio State University and currently working on completing the MGIS program at Pennsylvania State University. 

ROK Technologiessole focus is to architect, deploy and manage the ArcGIS® Enterprise suite and Desktop applications in cloud and hybrid environments. Recognized as an Esri Cloud Specialty Partner, our team of certified AWS, Azure, and Esri experts bring our many years of extensive, multi-disciplinary knowledge to each and every organization we serve. With scalable, highly durable, and cost-effective cloud first technologies, ROK can take the IT and ArcGIS Enterprise management off your plate, so you can focus on what you do best, GIS. ROK, We Take Your GIS To The Cloud.

Jason Harris is CTO at ROK Technologies with over 26 years of experience in web-based GIS, IT, and database administration. Able to quickly design solutions and troubleshoot problems effectively using his broad technical experience, Mr. Harris stands out as an Enterprise GIS and cloud expert. He is the architect of ROK Technologies’ Managed Service program.


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