How to Build a Solid Case for GIS Cloud Migration

  1. 1.Why GIS in the Cloud3:46
  2. 2.Let's Walk Through a Real World Case, "Cloud City"5:54
  3. 3.The Most Difficult, but Most Important Cost Facing your Organization12:21
  4. 4.How to Calculate you ROI20:17

Whether you are considering a full-scale move to the cloud, testing a hybrid solution or simply using the cloud for stand-alone projects or divisions, it is imperative to communicate the justification for the move.

After watching our expert webinar you will be equipped with everything you need for a C-suite presentation including answers to the most commonly asked business questions around GIS cloud migration.

  • How to calculate your current on premise cost, including the cost of hardware, server space, server age, cost of employees to manage the hardware, etc.
  • How to quantify the lost opportunity costs, like speed, productivity and scale.
  • How to calculate ROI so it is easier to foresee the results of the investment.
  • How to properly assess where you are organizationally to better define the scope and level of effort involved in a GIS cloud migration


Webinar Speaker Alex Coleman, Executive Vice President, ROK Technologies


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