Kubernetes and ArcGIS: Staying Ahead of Evolving Tech

The cloud-native deployment option for ArcGIS Enterprise, Kubernetes, is quite popular these days, but what is Kubernetes?

K8s is entering the mainstream because of its scalability, resilience, and maintainability. While the deployment of ArcGIS Enterprise on Kubernetes is an exciting new frontier for IT architects, it’s still important for GIS end-users to understand what is going on behind-the-scenes. 

This webinar will discuss some of the specific ways ArcGIS on Kubernetes could enhance scaling of services, streamline installation and updates with minimal downtime, and increase visibility on how your ArcGIS Enterprise system is running.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Best practices for getting started with Kubernetes
  • Key considerations for adopting Kubernetes to orchestrate your containerized applications at scale
  • How best to take advantage of this technology – when, where and why to use it


Webinar produced in partnership with Directions Magazine.

  1. 1.How did we get here?4:12
  2. 2.What is Kubernetes?7:50
  3. 3.Benefits in ArcGIS Enterprise14:20
  4. 4.Use cases18:09
  5. 5.How to prepare25:19
  6. 6.Key takeaways29:51
Webinar hosts:
Jason Harris, CTO

With over 26 years in web-based GIS, IT, & database administration, Jason Harris’ knowledge is unique in the GIS industry. As the architect of ROK’s Managed Cloud Services, he is able to quickly design solutions, troubleshoot effectively and serve as the GIS cloud expert. 

Brian Palus, Senior GIS Cloud Engineer

Brian Palus is ROK’s Senior Cloud Architect and infrastructure developer. He is professionally certified as an AWS Solutions Architect and DevOps Engineer, as well as a Certified Kubernetes Administrator. Holding an MS in Environmental Science, Mr. Palus has proven skills in GIS project design, imagery analysis, and communicating environmental policy. He is passionate about utilizing GIS as a tool to empower conservation efforts and for equitable planning and development.



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