Optimizing Cloud Migration: From Cost Accounting to Business Justification

Watch our webinar to delve into the financial intricacies of cloud spending, gaining insights into strategic considerations. Equip yourself with compelling presentations, understand cloud cost dynamics, and learn to calculate ROI. After this session, you’ll be ready to create a powerful C-suite presentation and address common business questions, ensuring a seamless GIS cloud migration. Don’t miss out on the knowledge and strategies you need for a successful transition!

Whether you are considering a full-scale move to the cloud, testing a hybrid solution or simply using the cloud for stand-alone departments and/or projects, it is imperative to communicate the justification for the move. We will explore the financial intricacies of cloud spending and the strategic considerations for successful GIS cloud migration. We will also bridge the gap between understanding cloud expenditure and successfully justifying a GIS cloud migration. 

This session is tailored to give you the knowledge and strategies you need:

  • Equip yourself with a compelling presentation to communicate the justification for GIS cloud migration effectively
  • Understand cloud cost dynamics to optimize your cloud spending
  • Learn to calculate existing costs, quantify lost opportunity costs, calculate ROI, and assess organizational readiness. 


After the webinar you will be able to prepare your C-suite presentation and download a template to make sure you cover all the key points as well as address the most commonly asked business questions around GIS cloud migration.

  1. 1.How to make the case8:47
  2. 2.AWS tools to make ArcGIS Cloud native22:09
  3. 3.Speakers do live Q&A35:15

Speaker: Alex Coleman, CEO ROK Technologies

As CEO, Alex brings 15+ years of experience leading sales and marketing strategies for Fortune 500 and startups. With a track record of driving multimillion-dollar sales increases, introducing cutting-edge products, and capturing market share, Alex is a proven difference-maker who inspires talented teams and achieves concrete results.

 Speaker: Jeff Demuth, Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Jeff is a solutions architect and has been with AWS for almost 8 years as a part of AWS’s specialized geospatial team. He is passionate about geographic information systems (GIS) and technology and co-authored his first book in 2023, Geospatial Data Analytics on AWS: Discover how to manage and analyze geospatial data in the cloud. Jeff has been working with ROK for 6 years transitioning clients from on-premise to cloud. 


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