Security & Your GIS Cloud

A primary concern for any organization evaluating the cloud is security.

According to Flexera’s 2019 State of the Cloud Report, companies will invest 24% more on public cloud solutions vs. 2018. As cloud growth increases, 77% of IT professionals view security as a challenge with the adoption of cloud computing. Hosting your own server within your office and managed by your own technology team just feels more secure – you know who has access and where it is. However, the cloud offers so much more than physical and digital server security.

  1. 1.Subscribe To Channel The Cloud is Fully Mature6:43
  2. 2.Hear Jason's Bold Statement about Security10:40
  3. 3.What are the Overlooked Benefits of the Cloud16:07
  4. 4.How to Make the Case!18:15

Join ROK Technologies, Chief Technology Officer, Jason Harris as he discusses the top security considerations when architecting a GIS Cloud environment, the surprise benefits realized after a move to the cloud and how to make the case for a secure GIS cloud environment.


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