06.04.14 | Blog

Mission: Esri’s Climate Resilience App Challenge? Complete!

What a great feeling it is to finalize a project and click “Submit.” Sigh, relief!


Here at ROK, we just completed Esri’s latest contest, the 2014 Climate Resilience App Challenge and we’re very excited about having the opportunity to develop a brand new, environmentally-conscious web application--RainHarvest. Given the nature of the Challenge, RainHarvest’s purpose is to integrate spatial GIS data and produce a simple, visual, and spatially-based “calculator” interface that can help users plan for water conservation at their homes and/or work-places by using rain barrels. To build the ArcGIS Server app, we used Esri’s ArcGIS API for JavaScript and configured Bootstrap (for templates, search here) with HTML, JQuery and Dojo. Not only was this project a lot of fun to create, but we hope it can be of contribution to our local, Charleston community and to our growing goals for sustainability.



More on the app’s architecture in an upcoming blog post.


Happy mapping,