09.26.17 | In the News

Multi-Platform Cloud Options Continue to Expand Capabilities


CHARLESTON, SC – ROK’s Private Cloud is now part of Amazon Web Services (AWS) Direct Connect. Working with AWS Direct Connect allows ROK’s enterprise customers to leverage a multi-platform cloud that delivers improved connection reliability coupled with enormous GPU power designed for advanced 3D visualizations and artificial intelligence (AI). 

For modern-day GIS implementations, this means that 3D and IoT data can be quickly aggregated to output high impact spatial analysis tools. Utilizing Direct Connect, organizations can now take advantage of the functionality ArcGIS Pro, GeoEvent Manager, and ArcGIS Portal have to offer without incurring high infrastructure costs.

The launch of this new capability provides an optimal solution for organizations in both the public and private sectors including the Department of Defense and Intelligence Communities who can utilize both the AWS Direct Connect and the ROKMAPS Linux applications now available on the AWS IC Marketplace

“Our primary focus is on expanding our Geographic Information Systems (GIS) cloud business in addition to providing more powerful offerings related to the Internet of Things (IoT) and the virtualization of 3D software for intensive, cloud based, GPU rendering.” said Jason Harris CTO at ROK.

“The fact is, today’s technology demands connectivity that can deliver the lightning fast speeds we are all accustomed to. This solution ensures that whether our partners are streaming thousands of data points a minute or are working on cutting edge 3D visualizations, their experience will be stellar.” said Alex Coleman, EVP at ROK. 

ROK Technologies, LLC, based in Charleston, South Carolina, serves clients in many industries and governments globally. As an Esri Silver business partner and ArcGIS® Server Application Service Provider licensee, they are able to leverage the entire ArcGIS® platform, including ArcGIS® for server hosting, application development, and virtualized desktop software - available from anywhere, on any device. ROK's cutting edge core competencies and secure private cloud infrastructure provide their clients the tools they need integrate their enterprise software with GIS solutions, products and services.

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