ROK Technologies now has the capability to utilize new, advanced server side GPU rendering to allow graphically intense 3D applications like ArcGIS Pro, AutoCad, and Revit to be virtualized and delivered to any internet connected thin client, all while performing like an enterprise class GPU enabled workstation.

What does this mean to the consumer? It eliminates the potentially large capital expenditures needed to acquire the latest hardware and software resources required for a 3D ready on-premise workstation. Instead of these costly investments, organizations can take full advantage of the new graphically intense 3D applications in most cases using their existing infrastructure and at a much lower price point.

“ROK has long been able to provide powerful virtualized workstations for GIS applications, but more and more, our clients have asked us about the next generation, 3D mapping applications, like ArcGIS Pro.” Said Jason Harris, ROK’s Chief Technology Advisor “ArcGIS Pro provides tremendous new capabilities, especially with 3D rendering – but with those capabilities, come some hefty hardware requirements, including expensive GPU cards. We are excited to announce that we can now provide our clients with cloud based, virtualized workstations, with powerful GPU acceleration for the next generation of GIS, and other graphically intense desktop applications.”

ROK’s virtualized desktop solution provides infrastructure for virtualized ArcGIS desktops (and other applications) allowing Cloud access to applications from anywhere and on any device (Office, Home, PC, Mac, Mobile).

ROK Technologies, LLC, based in Charleston, South Carolina, serves clients in many industries and governments globally. As an Esri Silver business partner and ArcGIS® Server Application Service Provider licensee, they are able to leverage the entire ArcGIS® platform, including ArcGIS® for server hosting, application development, and virtualized desktop software – available from anywhere, on any device. ROK’s cutting edge core competencies and secure private cloud infrastructure provide their clients the tools they need integrate their enterprise software with GIS solutions, products and services.

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