With the current and future global threat of COVID-19 (coronavirus), industries of every kind are feeling the impact of social distancing and office shutdowns.  With no definitive end in sight, GIS organizations are strategizing how to safely continue operations, while minimizing the impact to their bottom line.There is a solution that many GIS/IT departments around the world are taking advantage of: the cloud.  Those that have already migrated their technological infrastructure to the cloud have the capability to work remotely and are experiencing very little disruption to their day to day business.

Check out the Covid 19 Preparedness Checklist. 

ROK Technologies specializes in architecting and managing your GIS environment in the cloud, so you can continue your operations without fear of weeks or months long shutdowns. Make sure your employees have the tools they need to be productive from home during an event like this.

Make the most of slow times. Look towards the future and do some planning for 2021 and beyond. Review existing contracts and service agreements to make sure they still meet your needs. Revisit current processes, procedures and communication plans for improvements. Most importantly, this is a time to strengthen relationships with customers and employees. Stay safe and stay healthy.


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