ROK Technologies utilized the rapid scalability and bursting capability of Immedion’s Cloud to keep their mapping services available to the public and their customers during Hurricane Matthew.

ROK Technologies creates and hosts the evacuation map GIS in the cloud for Nassau County, Florida, a county that had several areas under mandatory evacuation orders during Hurricane Matthew. Nassau County government officials directed county residents to utilize ROK Technologies’ hosted mapping tools to locate their evacuation zone, driving traffic to the site from the average 500 map-requests per hour to more than 75,000 per hour. During this critical time for the public, ROK Technologies ensured zero down time by immediately scaling up their Immedion Cloud to accommodate the increased traffic. This ensured that Nassau County’s evacuation map, hosted on their Emergency Management website, remained available to residents in spite of the tremendous traffic spike. This level of availability would have been difficult to achieve without the combined effort of ROK Technologies and Immedion’s highly scalable Cloud infrastructure and nearly impossible with traditional in house IT infrastructure.

“The information provided in our Nassau County Evacuation map was critical to ensure the safety of the people of Nassau County during Hurricane Matthew,” said ROK Technologies’ Chief Technology Officer, Jason Harris. “Using Immedion’s Cloud management tools, we were able to quickly scale up our infrastructure to accommodate the demand for our mapping services. By doing so, we ensured that Nassau County residents were able to get the information they needed quickly and efficiently without site disruption.”

ROK Technologies, an Esri Silver business partner and ArcGIS Server Application Service licensee, provides Cloud-based GIS application development, desktop virtualization, hosting and managed services for the Esri ArcGIS Platform. They serve customers throughout the nation from a variety of industries from government to healthcare by hosting mapping and location analytics data.

“ROK Technologies is a leader in GIS services. We look forward to continuing to support them by hosting their Cloud and keeping it always on, even in the event of a disaster like Hurricane Matthew,” said Ravi Sastry, VP of Sales for Immedion.

ROK Technologies, LLC, based in Charleston, South Carolina, serves clients in many industries and governments globally. As an Esri Silver business partner and ArcGIS® Server Application Service Provider licensee, they are able to leverage the entire ArcGIS® platform, including ArcGIS® for server hosting, application development, and virtualized desktop software – available from anywhere, on any device. ROK’s cutting edge core competencies and secure private cloud infrastructure provide their clients the tools they need integrate their enterprise software with GIS solutions, products and services.


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