ROK Technologies, LLC receives Esri’s Collaboration Award for Exceptional Achievement at the 2024 Esri Partner Conference (EPC)

Mt.Pleasant, South Carolina – March, 11, 2024

ROK Technologies received the Collaboration Award for successful customer win due to partner-to-partner collaboration at the 2024 Esri Partner Conference (EPC) held March 10–11, 2024. This award was presented to ROK Technologies at the EPC Plenary session on Sunday, March 9th. 

Esri is the global leader in location intelligence with a network of over 2900 partners around the world. ROK Technologies is one of fourteen award winning organizations that demonstrated innovative and creative ways to solve complex problems by using Esri’s ArcGIS software and done exceptional work in advancing geographic information system (GIS) technology. 

We are thrilled to receive this honor, as it highlights the incredible value we place on our strategic partnerships. These collaborations have empowered our client organizations with the comprehensive support and solutions they need to truly innovate with GIS.

ROK Technologies’ mission is to enable organizations with cloud-first technologies, so they can deliver exceptional GIS experiences to their customers. To deliver on this mission, we partner with industry leaders with whom we have aligned values and shared goals to create a win-win scenario for our clients and their customers.

A few of the key strategic partnerships that resulted in this Collaboration Award for successful customer win due to partner-to-partner collaboration, include: 

ArcGIS Telecom Management Service Solution: Leveraging Esri’s ArcGIS Telecom Management package, ROK Technologies and Millennium Geospatial extend the core capabilities to provide solutions and tools for communications data management and telecom service availability. ROK Technologies and Millennium Spatial bring together their expertise to build a turnkey solution that helps telecoms implement and deploy the ArcGIS system, securely manage, and share geospatial data in one place— hosted, managed, or in the AWS Cloud. Read more >

ArcFM and ArcGIS Migration Utilities Solution: Schneider Electric and ROK Technologies have partnered to deliver a comprehensive managed services offering to Utilities to migrate ArcFM and ArcGIS systems to the Cloud. Schneider Electric leads the migration charge of ArcFM and ROK Technologies leads ArcGIS as well as the ongoing management of both the Cloud environment and ArcGIS Software. Read more >

UK-Wide Digital Twin on AWS: Working with Esri, NTT Data, ROK Technologies, and AWS, Vodafone developed a location intelligence platform for understanding what its UK network looked like—from the location of cell towers to the height and canopy width of trees across the country. This AWS-hosted active system helps Vodafone optimize its UK network rollout and enhance service to customers. Read more >

Esri appreciates the strong partnership with ROK Technologies and acknowledges their dedication to customer success with ArcGIS by awarding them this 2024 EPC award

With ROK Technologies’ mastery in Cloud, GIS and IT, combined with our collaborative partner’s niche expertise, we ensure our clients maximize all ArcGIS capabilities in the Cloud. 


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About ROK Technologies, LLC

At ROK Technologies, our sole focus is to architect, deploy and manage the ArcGIS® Enterprise suite and Desktop applications in Cloud and Hybrid environments. Recognized as an Esri Cloud Specialty Partner, our team of certified AWS, Azure, and Esri experts bring our many years of extensive, multi-disciplinary knowledge to each and every organization we serve. With scalable, highly durable, and cost-effective cloud first technologies, ROK can take the IT and ArcGIS Enterprise management off your plate, so you can focus on what you do best, GIS. 

ROK, We Take Your GIS To The Cloud.


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