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ROK ensures you have a scalable VDI solution for your remote workforce, now and in the future.

The amount of people working remotely has skyrocketed. Whether people are out on the road or just working somewhere other than the office, they need to be able to access their applications.Luckily, with VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure), remote workers can access an identical desktop on any device, from any place, at any time. VDI offers:

Manageability: Since VDI replaces PCs – deployment, management, and maintenance of replacement endpoints (laptops, thin clients, mobile, etc) becomes much easier. Centralized management software is used to enable IT administrators to maintain devices in the network from one central server (data center) – meaning upgrades, application deployments, and virus control can be centrally managed, rather than being handled individually at each endpoint.

Flexibility: The flexibility of endpoint maintenance is one of several VDI benefits to positively affect your computing environment. Routine upgrades, installations, and more, can be completed without disturbing end users’ productivity. Desktops can easily be virtually created and then quickly deployed. End users are not tied to any particular hardware with VDI, so desktop fixes and new desktops can get up and running in no time.

Accessibility: Due to BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), workforces are more mobile. As the need to work at home increases, and more and more employers not worrying about if their employees are in an office (sitting right next to them) or across the world in another continent, accessibility is a key VDI benefit for these remote, long-distance, and/or mobile end users.

What are Virtual Workstations?


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How Virtual Workstations Can Help

Increase Productivity

With collaborative, interactive tools that streamline data collection, analysis, and distribution, plus a renewed focus on providing GIS services instead of maintaining the required infrastructure.

Improve your ROI

Save money on server purchases or hosting fees, hardware maintenance, and software updates, as well as IT resources and staff.

Process Faster

Achieve faster processing speeds, with Citrix XenApp integration. RAM and CPU-intensive GIS applications such as ArcMap load on a dedicated cloud machine with plenty of capacity and processing power.


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