WebinarHow to Design your GIS for Today & Beyond

You might not have the fanciest GIS tools right now but that doesn’t mean that you never will. Having a long-term strategy for your GIS from the beginning dramatically increases your ROI, potential for success, and chances for widespread user adoption. We will talk about designing your GIS like you have money, even if you don’t right now.

We will cover how you want your GIS to look like next month, next quarter, next year, and beyond.

At the end of our 20-minute webinar, you will be well on your way to an innovative GIS that will be the envy of your GIS friends.

We’ll cover the following critical topics:

  • Setting up ArcGIS Online for transition to Portal
  • Setting up on-premise infrastructure for transitioning to the cloud
  • Designing your data for advanced automation

Presenter: Lindsay Walker, Director of Managed Services & Operations, ROK Technologies