Why We’re Different

At ROK we focus solely on architecting, deploying, and managing ArcGIS in the cloud

We Empower

We ensure you are prepared for your journey to the cloud. While other organizations charge for assessments and architecture planning, at ROK we provide these services at no cost to the organization.
With ROI Calculations

Return on investment calculations and proof of concept presentations to get the confidence and secure buy-in before any technical work begins.

Calculate your Costs

With Cloud Assessments

Cloud assessment of your organization’s current infrastructure, GIS software and services, applications, third-party integrations, and security needs to provide you with a comprehensive plan and budget required to start your journey.

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We Customize

No two GIS systems are the same and neither are cloud environments. Therefore finding the right cloud environment for your GIS is the magic sauce.

With Custom Built Environments
Each environment we architect is created from scratch by our team of cloud experts to support YOUR specific GIS needs. Sound expensive? This actually saves money and ensures that only the cloud resources you NEED are running.

With Tenant and Non-Tenant Options
We offer a variety of cloud hosting options in AWS, Azure, and GCP. Want an uptime guarantee to ensure your services are never down? ROK can do it. Have your own cloud environment and just need help deploying and managing a new space for your GIS? ROK can do it.

Varies from organization to organization. Our ROK Team identifies your specific security requirements and builds and manages environments to match those needs.

We Enable

We make things possible, practical and easy, no matter the time of day or the issue at hand. Your organization has your own dedicated success manager to support you when you need it, and even when you don’t.

24/7 Support 7 Days a Week
Not an automated recording, but a real live member of our support team who understands the ins and outs of your Enterprise Stack and Cloud architecture. This support comes with every partnership at no extra cost.

Uptime Guarantee
As a ROK tenant you can benefit from 95% to 99.99% uptime guarantees, ensuring your services are always running when you need them.

With Client Gateway Access
You have complete insight, whenever you need it. Access to the performance of your cloud environment, case history, and Enterprise Stack for complete transparency into our services and your environment.

And We Don’t Get in Your Way

  • You have full access to your environment and data. You can edit freely in real time anytime. It is your system to do with it as you need. We are here to make sure of that.
  • We ensure your managed Cloud saves you money in the long run and sets you up for continued growth and future success.

Did you know that this is all we do?

Over the last 20+ years we identified an increasing need from GIS organizations around the world to have a secure, scalable and reliable solution for their GIS data. GIS data is like gold. Do you trust your gold to anyone other than an expert in precious metals? So just like that ROK decided to become the master of one - to take GIS to the cloud.
Cloud journeys are rarely straightforward. In fact, in order to harness the true value of the cloud, the journey requires a full organizational transformation. Therefore, we truly customize every single environment to be what your organization needs. From infrastructure to security, your cloud journey is unique and deserves our undivided attention.
Custom doesn’t mean it is more expensive. It just means it is personalized to you and for you. We optimize costs and only sell you what you need today. You can always scale up later; the cloud lets you do that! Most importantly we also customize so that the cloud exceeds the security your organization needs.
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