The Internet of Things (IoT)
Let us transform the way you access and analyze your data to make better, actionable decisions.

The Internet of Things is a robust network of devices, all embedded with electronics, software, and sensors enabling them to exchange and analyze data. IoT is transforming every industry and creating new ones in the process. IoT allows for virtually endless opportunities, relationships and connections to take place. With all of these connections, comes massive amounts of data from each and every device.

What’s required? A solution that lets you connect and streamline your technology. ROK provides recommendations on how to store, track, analyze and make better decisions with the vast amounts of generated data from these connections.

Rok’s IoT Solutions Offer:


Clean, easy to use mapping and configuration applications to act on your data.


Connect virtually any streaming data source with your GIS applications.


Focus on events that are critical for your organization and respond in real-time.


Monitor your assets and environmental conditions in real-time.


We understand how quickly the scope and scale of IoT can overwhelm resources. Let us help you define the infrastructure required with IoT. Contact our Managed Services Team to ask us questions and learn more.


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